Country Meat Center

A Family Affair

Original Brown's Grocery- 1960's

Niles Ray Brown Sr. (Ray) and Niles Ray Brown Jr.(Niles) have been in the grocery and meat for most of their lives. Ray carved his path in the business world without a high school education and rose above to become a prominent local leader. One of his earliest ventures was a small general store on the edge of town. After several years and a lot of hard-work from his wife Edna, his business took off and he was able to expand. This led to Brown's Market and the Do Drive Inn. With the growth, Ray's son Niles came back to run the family store after managing a Piggly Wiggly in Charleston. Brown's Market quickly became known for their meats and produce. After many years of success, Niles retired from the grocery business in 2006. It wasn't long before Niles was back in the meat business, opening Woodruff Curb Market  in 2010. It closed it's doors upon the Country Meat Center opening.

The Country Meat Center is a family owned and operated business that will enlists the talents of Niles along with his daughter Leslie, who is continuing the family tradition.

Original Brown's Market and Do Drive Inn
New Country Meat Center Opens